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At the end of The First Avenger, Fury is the first dude to walk up to Steve and say, “Sorry to tell you this, but you’ve been asleep for a long time.” At the beginning of The Avengers, Nick drags Steve into the fight, cajoles him, they even have a fun joke bet. Then in The Winter Soldier, Nick trusts Steve over everyone else, goes to him for help, talks to him like a peer, takes his advice.

Steve’s soul interaction with Coulson’s has been “creepy guy who has my cards and died.”

Why do so many people make these relationships the other way around?

i don’t think you understand how important coulson is though. he’s white and has a suit. that’s how important he is. 

I like Coulson but Fury is infinitely more important



Marvel Moment #8: Nick Fury Gets His Man.  Secret Warriors #26.  Written by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Alessandro Vitti.  Fury finally gets Strucker.  Nuff said…

one of my favourite series hands down.



From Dark Reign: The List: Secret Warriors, by Jonathan Hickman, Ed McGuinness, and Tom Palmer


Bucky Barnes: 19 year old card shark.

[ Captain America 65th Anniversary Special ]

S.H.I.E.L.D : Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division